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Shaanxi 2015 "ten counties" released   qualifying with previous years has changed – Shaanxi channel — original title: 2015 Shaanxi "ten counties" out qualifying position with previous years changed in September 28th, in the province to promote the development of private economy meeting, the provincial government informed in recognition of the advanced county of the Province in 2015 county (City Economic and social development and district) and 2015 annual industrial output, investment, the tax amount of the top 10 private enterprises. In accordance with the provisions of the "development of county economy of Shaanxi province detection evaluation methods" comprehensive evaluation, Shenmu county, Hancheng City, Fugu County, Jingbian County, Binxian County, Fengxian, Wuqi County, Zhidan County, Xingping City, Dingbian County for the 2015 annual "County Economic and social development of Shaanxi Province ten counties; Weiyang District, Beilin, Yanta District District, Lianhu District, the district for the 2015 annual" City Economic and social development of Shaanxi Province five District "; awarded Ningshan County, Liuba County, Langao County, Xunyang County, Zhenping county, Wugong County, Yijun County, Shangnan County, Taibai County, Shanyang County 2015 year" development of county economy of Shaanxi province to carry out award "; awarded Changan District and Yangling District, Hantai District, Weibin District, Baota District 2015 annual" City Economic and social development of Shaanxi province to carry award". In addition, the conference also commended the Limited by Share Ltd, Hanzhoung Dongling zinc Cultural Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Buchang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. and other 30 enterprises. Economic Management Institute of Northwestern University professor Lu Shanbing analysis, from the list of Shaanxi’s top ten counties and five District "view, although individual counties ranking compared to previous years has changed, but most of the county is in the" old faces". This shows that the development trend of the district is relatively stable, despite the drop in energy prices, but the total value of Shenmu, Fugu County in the Northern Shaanxi energy is still high. Of course, Hancheng, Fengxian, actively develop tourism counties, the transformation is also achieved remarkable results. Some industry analysts, Shenmu county, Fugu county is still among the top three, that coal is still an important driving force for Shaanxi economy and the growth of county economy. In the future, the Northern Shaanxi Province, several major energy economy will remain stable running posture. Overall, economic restructuring, industrial restructuring will be the main direction of future development of county economy. China Daily (reporter Liu Baiwen Gu Yan, commissioning editor Wang Li)相关的主题文章: