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Chinatown of Sydney gas explosion injured 16 people including 2 children – Sohu news after the incident of Chinatown has become almost empty. China News Agency, Sydney, November (Xinhua)   29; local time at 7:30 on the evening of 29 or so, a gas explosion occurred in Chinatown, Sydney, there are reports that 16 people were injured, including 2 children, mostly chinese. Reporters on the scene saw all junctions through the site of the incident were blocked by the police, the success of Chinatowns on the street full of parked police cars and fire fighting vehicles. From the incident to the clerk surnamed Chen 100 meters Dragon Restaurant told reporters that he did not see the explosion, but saw a white woman by debris scratched ran for help. New South Wales fire rescue team spokesman said the explosion occurred in the discharge channel of Chinatown building in dexin. The leakage of the main gate of the pipeline caused the explosion, and the closing valve of the pipeline was blown up, so the gas continued to leak. The explosion triggered an automatic sprinkler system, so the fire did not continue to spread, but several people were near the explosion debris. The spokesman said the explosion was caused by the leakage of the gas leak, but what causes the gas to be ignited is not clear. As of press time, the scene is still in a closed state.相关的主题文章: